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An island called Marriage....

I received a text from a close girl friend recently, telling me she felt liberated that her husband finally admitted that he has an affair, and that they are now going through divorce proceedings. I was reminded of one lunch session we had a few years ago when she was heavily pregnant with her second child. There were three of us, three ladies who went through a lot in life and achieved where we are now based on hard work and never say die attitude.
At the same time, we're hopeless when it comes to relationships... giving without asking for returns....
until this very day, i still remember what she said about marriage in general... and about our marriages.
She said, it's like rowing a boat to an island. On that island, is your husband and the island represents your marriage. there are people who leave that boat on that island as an insurance/just in case one wants to bail out....
we were joking that one of us left the husband on the island and rowed away in the boat, another sent the husband away in the boat, while she pushed the boat out to sea, never to see it again and chose to stay on the island at all costs.
That decision has stuck with her even until some time ago when she called me out of the blue to ask me about divorce lawyer and proceedings, and i still sensed the same decision last year when i met her again and she briefly confided in me.....
but i think the last straw and final blow has been dealt and this time, she no longer finds it necessary to hold on to an island that has emptied out all emotions.
she was the one that said "my heart was squeezed when i saw you this morning" when i was an emotional wreck back in 1997/98,
she was the one who shed tears of happiness for me during my wedding....
she was the one who mentored me and encouraged me when i first joined the company...
yet, now, i can't really do much for her...
i sent her my hugs and urged that we meet again soon to catch up and that i am there for her if she needs to talk... and i hope we meet soon....


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